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This site represents my exploration of the relationships between humans and the natural world. It is also an exploration of the idea that somehow nature is not here but out there, someplace we go for solitude and renewal or avoid for fear of the wild, the untamed, the unknown. Society and the dominant culture often feel designed to accentuate the idea of a boundary between the human world and nature. While the idea that humans are separate from the natural world seems normal, that somehow we and our works are un-natural, my mind and spirit rebel at such a separation. Regardless, this site is reflective of my experiences from both sides of that boundary, real or imagined. As I continually muse, venture, and seek spheres to connect, this site may become other than I originally intend. It is a lesson I am constantly learning and relearning - that I am, and always will be, becoming.

I call this image 'The Man in the Mountain'. I had spent weeks traveling and trekking in Patagonia. Weeks more starting an organic farm with two strangers in the arid and lonely pampas. Something about this painting on the side of a building in Ushuaia made me stop and stare for minutes. It did not escape my notice that this mural was marred as far and high as people could reach. A metaphor for our species existence on planet earth perhaps. But, perhaps a shallow one, for it was the beauty of the whole that captured me; it was the absence of the duality that holds me still. When I was in college, I took a trip across many countries. A friend and artist drew a cartoon of our journey. It was of a person, a seeming giant, walking on a globe. As they walked, a bit of the surface peeled up and enclosed the person within. We are not on the world, we are in it.